Our Fleet of Ambulances


Oconto Falls Area Ambulance operates with a fleet of 3 ambulances, as well as a Polaris 6x6 along with a rescue toboggan. We would like to thank the Oconto Falls Sno-Jokers snowmobile club for donating the rescue tobaggan. 

Each ambulance has a specific set of calls it is used for. Ambulance 3032, a 2012 Chevrolet, is currently in rotation as our most used rig, going out on 911 medical emergency calls. 3031 also holds our second set of Jaws, making it our second rig out on multi-vehicle accidents. 

Ambulance 3035, a 2003 Ford, is the first rig out on any motor vehicle accident, or any incident that may require the use of Jaws, as it holds the newest set of Jaws.

Ambulance 3031, a 2006 Ford, is used for all non-emergent transfers, or as a third rig for 911 calls when both other units are out on calls. There are times When all three ambulances will be out on calls at the same time. 

The 6x6 and rescue toboggan are used together for various incidents, most commonly for calls on the ice and in the woods, or wherever an ambulance is unable to get close to the patient.