We are currently seeking ambitious individuals to add to our team.  If you are person that works well in a team-oriented environment, you may be what we are looking for!  We are in need of First Responders, EMTs and EMT-IT that live near or in the City of Oconto Falls.

Here is a brief explanation of an EMT:

EMT-Basic Characteristics:
EMT-Basics work as part of a team.  Thorough knowledge of theoretical procedures and ability to integrate knowledge and performance into practical situations are critical.  Self-confidence, emotional stability, good judgment, tolerance for high stress, and a pleasant personality are also essential characteristics of the successful EMT-Basic at any level.  EMT-Basics also must be able to deal with adverse social situations, which include responding to calls in districts known to have high crime rates

Physical Demands:
Aptitudes required for work of this nature are good physical stamina, endurance, and body condition which would not be adversely affected by lifting, carrying, and balancing at times, patients in excess of 125 pounds (250, with assistance).  EMT-Basics must be able to work twenty-four-hour continuous shifts.  Motor coordination is necessary for the well-being of the patient, the EMT-B, and co-worker over uneven terrain.

EMT Training:
The EMT-Basic curriculum is a core curriculum of minimum required information, to be presented within a 196-hour training program. Upon completion of the program, students must pass cognitive and psychomotor exams through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. It is recognized that there is additional specific education that will be required of EMT-Basics who operate in the field, i.e. ambulance driver training, heavy and light rescue, basic extrication, special needs, and so on.  It is also recognized that this information might differ from locality to locality, and that each training program, or system should identify and provide special training requirements.  This curriculum is intended to prepare a medically competent EMT-Basic to operate in the field.  Enrichment programs and continuing education will help fulfill other specific needs for the EMT-Basic's education. EMT-Basics must take a 30 hour refresher course every 2 years.

Click Here to read the Emergency Medical Technician-Basic: National Standard Curriculum.  It takes a while to load.  (Adobe Acrobat Reader is Required)

Here is a brief explanation of an EMT-IT (Advanced EMT):

AEMTs extend their knowledge off of their EMT-B training, through a 164 hour course. Students must be certified EMT-Basics in order to enroll in the course. Pathophsyiology is studied more in depth. Students are trained intravenous access/therapy. New medications are added to their skill set, which they are trained in administering. Upon completion of the program, students must pass cognitive and psychomotor exams through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. AEMTs must take a 42 hour refresher course every 2 years.

Here is a brief explanation of a First Responder (Emergency Medical Responder):

First responders secure the emergency scene, control traffic flow, summon appropriate help from other emergency departments, gain access to patients, administer initial emergency care, move patients if necessary, and control the activities of bystanders. They attempt to prevent death or additional injuries to their patients prior to the arrival of the Emergency Medical Technicians. Emergency medical responders must take an 80 course prior to becoming certified. 22 hour refresher courses must be completed every 2 years in order to maintain licensure. 

Basic Service Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Good Driving Record
  • Be willing to enroll in an EMT class or hold a current EMT license
  • Be willing to enroll in a CPR class or hold a current CPR license (America Heart Association for health care providers)
  • Reside in our area
  • Be available on a regular basis

If you qualify to join our service, you receive:

  • Paid per call
  • Paid on-call time
  • Radio and Pager
  • Protective clothing
  • Education/continuing education reimbursement
  • A team-oriented atmosphere

Click here to download a PDF application to join our team. (180kb)

Applications can be sent to:

Personnel Coordinator
Oconto Falls Area Ambulance, Inc.
831 S. Main St.
Oconto Falls, WI. 54154

We also would welcome volunteer help!

If you'd like to know more, please feel free to contact us